About Us


Aspiring to be the preferred turnkey manufacturing partner, empowering growth and sustainability


A customer-centric provider of market-leading products within the personal care industry, motivated by a value-driven culture

About AIC

Antiseptol International Company (AIC) is a third-generation, family-owned and operated contract manufacturer with 60+ years of experience producing and supplying personal care products at scale.

AIC provides the personal care industry with the production capacity needed to consistently supply high-quality personal care products.

AIC is one of the only producers of high-quality bleach powder and cream peroxide in Southern Africa.

We guarantee repeat business by keeping our margins low, ensuring our customers see the value we create on their bottom line.

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Core values of our business



Take ownership of your actions and decisions.


We create and sustain a safe work environment whilst continuously improving our safety standards.


A feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's achievements


We do the right thing honestly and reliably.


The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.


We continuously identify unnecessary costs and optimise processes and throughputs without compromising quality.