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Company History

Antiseptol International Company started operations in South Africa in 1954. It was registered as a Propriety Limited Company in 1959. In its beginning it supplied mainly mission and mine hospitals with specialised antiseptics, disinfectants and hygiene products. In the late 1960s, it bought the cosmetic, hair and toiletry products manufacturing subsidiary of Federale Volksbelegings Limited. This is what led in time to the present hair care products factory at the Kaaprand premises.

Our Vision

Through our values-driven culture, we are an ethical leader in the manufacture of value-for-money, high quality products and services, delivered in a timely manner and exceeding customer expectations.

Our Mission

We strive for sales growth, financial strength and profitability while staying efficient enough to be able to remain competitive and to make critical decisions timeously, enabling us to adapt to changes in the market place, supply chain and technological arenas.

We strive towards empowering and inspiring all employees to be the best they can be, so that as a team, we actively participate in the success of the company. Continuously create new opportunities to grow staff and customers.

We have open and honest relationships with customers, evolving with them as they grow as well as offering support along the way. In order to help customers, we design, develop and continuously improve our product ranges. We manufacture and deliver products that consistently exceed our customer’s needs and expectations and we strive to offer competitive prices without compromising on product quality.

The conservation of the environment and the safety of employees and stakeholders is vitally important and all practicable measures will be considered to protect them in all that we do.

We are open to the possibility of partnerships with like-minded companies which have similar interests, which could be mutually beneficial. We look to support and are actively involved in the enhancement of the community.