Most Popular Products

Hand Sanitizer


Antiseptol manufacturers alcohol sanitisers, alcohol gel hand sanitisers and alcohol surface sprays. We can courier deliver any sanitisers and disinfectants in lock-down to any South African location and can package as per clients request.




Our comprehensive shampoo range offers a variety of products from entry level budget shampoos (Like our fruit range) to high end superior grade shampoos (Such as our silver and sulphate free shampoos).



Conditioners and Treatments


Conditioning and treating ensures not only a great hair texture or look but also improves the strength and resilience of the hair. Our conditioners and treatments are designed to create a whole nourishment of the hair, with special focus on a certain aspect in some products.



Gels – (Including Gelwax, Gums and Clays)


Whether it is a standard gel with good hold or a wax which is to be used on straightened hair our gel range encompasses it all. The microcrystallisation of advanced gels and waxes has been fine tuned over the years to a fine art.


Hair Gel

Peroxide Creams


Colouring can often be harsh on hair, which is why we have created an industry leading peroxide cream that is gentle yet effective. Our peroxide has been stringently tested to ensure the best positive results are achieved when colouring.


peroxide cream

Bleach Powders


Our bleach powder is dust free and performs excellently. A few colour variants as well as bleach powder with active ingredients which condition hair during the bleaching process are available.


Bleach Powder

Perms and Relaxers


From straight to curly and everything in between is achievable from our Perm and relaxer range.



Hairspray & Other Lacquers


Our hairsprays and lacquers are great in their ability to moisturise hair as well as give it great hold(Hold sprays only). They save time by drying quickly thanks to the absolute ethanol used as a base.



Dishwashing Fluid & All Purpose Cleaners


We manufacture all purpose cleaners and dishwashing liquid which are economical and highly effective. They cut through grease and can remove stains from surfaces.


All purpose cleaners

Hand Soaps


Antiseptol’s sanitizing hand soaps leave the users hands feeling moisturised and smelling great after a wash without leaving a sticky residue.


Hand Soap