AIC Services

Antiseptol International Company Services

AIC services include formulation design, contract manufacturing and package line services. Antispetol International Company is here to help you every step of the way.


AIC’s research team can create customised formulations for personal care products. These include basic mixtures, lacquer-based products and more complex emulsions such as creams and gels.


Our on-site laboratory tests every raw material, formulation, and final product for conformity, guaranteeing consistency from one batch to the next and preventing substandard batches from being released to the customer.

Our production plant can manufacture batches of any size for single-phase products.

AIC Services

Packing Lines

The plant is able to fill a large variety of containers including; tubes, bags, bottles, jars, buckets, drums and flowbins of different sizes.

Depending on the vessel size and quantity of the batch, we use a combination of hand-filling machines and automatic-filling machines to ensure the finished product is ready for retail sale.

The packing operations include inline quality control with safety, cleanliness and consistency considered imperative in every packing line.

We can source bottles and labels for customers and fill customer supplied bottles.