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Trust AIC to research and develop product formulations, manufacture personal care products at scale, and to brand product containers and labels to a quality controlled standard.

AIC’s manufacturing plant is focused on delivering high quality products in wholesale quantities. They manufacture a wide range of products from affordable budget brands to luxurious salon-quality personal care products. Their focus is on delivering the specified product as consistently as possible.

AIC’s business model relies on partners to complete the supply chain by connecting its production capacity to consumers. AIC does not supply to consumers or end-users directly.

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Research and Development, Manufacturing, and Branding Solutions.

The AIC plant and its team combine research and development, manufacturing, and branding into a single turnkey solution. Their customers rely on them to formulate new products, manufacture them at large scale and then bottle, label and pack each item into the custom-branded packaging of your choice.

AIC’s turnkey manufacturing solution enables brand owners and agents to subcontract their research and development, manufacturing, packaging, labelling and boxing. AIC’s state-of-the-art research and development laboratory enables its customers to supply the latest products on the market to the industry. Their modern manufacturing plant is perfectly equipped to manufacture large volumes of personal care products, and package them to best suit the needs of your customer base.

AIC manufactures cosmetics and home care products, including but not limited to:


What We Provide

AIC Contract

AIC Contract is a basic contract manufacturing agreement. Customers provide their own formulations and packaging designs.

AIC White Label

White Label options offer a variety of products in wholesale quantities, readily available off the shelf with low minimum order quantities and competitive pricing.

AIC Tailored

With AIC Tailored, AIC supplies formulated product and packaging options that can be tailored to suit your specification.


AIC Unique

AIC works closely with the customer to develop a unique product formula for the exclusive use by that customer only.


Research & Development

AIC’s R&D department is responsible for developing generic formulations tailored to customers' specifications, especially regarding fragrance and colour.

Branding & Packaging

AIC Branding Services enables customers to tailor their packaging as needed. You can customise the container, the label and the box with your own branding.

AIC Wholesale Products

AIC manufactures a wide range of cosmetic products. Manufacturing specialised cosmetics for cleaning, treating and styling hair, as well as a range of other products.

Reach out to AIC’s sales team to arrange a needs assessment meeting.

Manufacturing Personal Care

Antiseptol International Company (AIC) is a business registered in South Africa. AIC provides the cosmetics industry with the production capacity to supply high-quality hair products in large volumes. They manufacture products in other categories, such as personal care and home care. AIC’s factory is in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

AIC’s personal care products are available for sale in South Africa, but they regularly supply to customers who distribute products across Southern Africa. AIC manufactures and supplies cosmetics in large volumes to brand owners, agents, distributors, resellers and bulk users.


About Antiseptol International Company

Antiseptol International Company (AIC) is a third-generation, family-owned and operated contract manufacturer with 60+ years of experience producing and supplying personal care products at scale.

Our Vision

ASPIRE-ing to be the preferred turnkey manufacturing partner, empowering growth and sustainability

Our Mission

A customer-centric provider of market-leading products within the personal care industry, motivated by a value-driven culture


Our Values


We develop and manufacture high-quality products
in large volumes on behalf of our clients.

Antiseptol stays up to date with the latest advancements and trends in hair care, personal care and home care products.


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