Personal Care Manufacturing Solutions

Personal Care Manufacturing Solutions

We combine Formulation, Manufacturing and Packaging into a turnkey contract manufacturing service.

Leading Contract Manufacturers

Manufacturing Personal Care

Antiseptol International Company (AIC) is a contract manufacturer in South Africa, producing various cosmetic and chemical products specialising in personal care products for the salon and retail market.

We have formulated, manufactured and packaged products to our client’s specifications for more than 60 years. AIC stocks a tried-and-tested ‘white label’ range ready for you to brand and resell.

Our experienced team can achieve our brand partner’s needs. The research and development laboratory at AIC is well-established and fully equipped, which makes AIC a leading contract manufacturer. Many high-quality brands trust us in South Africa to manufacture personal care products at high levels of quality and consistency.

AIC can assist brand partners with formulating and designing specific cosmetic products and personal care products.

We A.S.P.I.R.E. to be your preferred personal care manufacturing partner.

AIC prides itself in its ethical value creation system, embodying and honouring its customers’ requirements of discretion and confidentiality.

Relationships with reputable suppliers ensure minimal raw material shortages and cost savings. AIC is constantly informed about the latest and most suitable ingredients, best practices and trends by various industry associations, resulting in continuous improvement and innovation.

AIC cares about your bottom line, keeping margins low and paving the way for long-lasting business relationships.

Featured Products

Argan Oil Hair Care Range

Hair Treatments

Healthy hair retains colour and moisture more effectively than dry, damaged hair. Regular hair treatments can prolong hair health and colour intensity.

Dishwashing Fluid and All-Purpose Cleaners

At Antispetol, we produce all-purpose cleaners for home use. Our range of cleaning products is cost-effective and effectively removes nasty stains from surfaces.

Hand Soap

Good hand soap happens when you combine quality ingredients that create a smooth lather and excellent cleaning abilities. Our hand soaps leave hands feeling moisturised and smelling fresh without any leftover residue.

Hand Sanitiser

AIC’s popular alcohol sanitiser, alcohol gel-hand sanitiser and alcohol surface sprays are manufactured and packaged in our factory. We can deliver and package sanitisers and disinfectants to any South African location.

Bleach Powders

Our bleach powder is dust-free and develops excellently. Our range offers various colours and bleach powder with active ingredients that condition hair during the bleaching process.

Peroxide Creams

We have created an industry-leading peroxide cream that is gentle on your hair and scalp yet perfectly effective in creating the blonde tone you are after. Our stringently tested peroxide creams ensure the best positive results are achieved when colouring.

Perms and Relaxers

Perms and relaxers are chemical treatments used to alter hair. It is formulated to transform the hair from curly to straight or by giving it a permanent curl. These chemicals have been meticulously researched and formulated over the years to offer customer’s an excellent product with long-lasting effects

Hairspray and Lacquers

AIC’s range of hair and hold sprays moisturise hair while giving it great hold. Our hairsprays and lacquers are entirely ethanol based and dry quickly. Our products come in various formulations for flexible, medium, and maximum hold.

Gels, Gelwax, Gums and Clays

Our gel range includes gel wax, hair gums and clay styling products. The micro crystallisation of our advanced gels and waxes has been perfected over the years.


Good hair conditioning ensures excellent hair texture and improves the strength and resilience of the hair. We formulate our conditioners to create wholesome nourishment for every hair follicle.


Our comprehensive shampoo range offers a variety of products, from entry-level budget shampoos, like our exotic fruit range, to high-end salon-grade shampoos. Our professional silver and sulphate-free shampoo formulas leave out harsh cleansing agents. They lock in moisture, prevent colour from fading, and are less likely to irritate a sensitive scalp.