Research, Development, and Quality Control

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AIC R&D researches the latest trends in haircare and personal care.

AIC’s Research and Development (R&D) department is responsible for developing generic formulations tailored to customers' specifications, especially regarding fragrance and colour.

They work closely with customers to develop unique product formulations for customers who require unique products. The Quality Control (QC) department is responsible for testing products to comply with AIC's rigorous quality assurance system.

AIC Tailored Formulations

AIC’s R&D department has developed a wide range of generic formulations that can be tailored to your requirements.

They develop new product formulations and conduct tests to ensure that AIC Tailored formulas are easy to modify. These formulations are specifically designed to be tailored to a customers’ specifications in terms of colour and fragrance. They also work well out of the box without additional customisation.

AIC Unique Formulations

AIC's R&D team works closely with their customers to develop unique formulas for customers who want to develop an idea into a product.

Sample products help AIC’s R&D team understand what you have in mind, but we can just as easily develop a product from your requirements and specifications. AIC Unique is developed for the exclusive use of a single customer. If you decide to use AIC Unique, the product formulation is made for your use exclusively.

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AIC’s dedicated, on-site laboratory and QC team ensures they create high-quality products for professional salon and retail use.

AIC has an on-site laboratory capable of performing physical, chemical and microbiological tests. The QC team conducts these tests routinely to ensure they deliver quality products. They use ISO 22716 as a benchmark. 

All AIC Products are quality controlled to ensure the desired quality level is maintained throughout the manufacturing process. AIC manufactures a wide range of cosmetic products and personal care products. Their products could be manufactured as affordable budget options or high grade salon quality products depending on your needs. 

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