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AIC manufactures a wide range of cosmetic products

AIC provides customers with a full range of generic personal care product formulations, which can be manufactured with variations in colour, fragrance, packaging and boxing. Their range of generic formulations have been manufactured and marketed successfully for decades. They specialise in manufacturing cosmetics for cleaning, treating and styling hair. They also manufacture products in the wider personal care category.

Below is a list of their current range:

What We Offer
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Hair Products

AIC offers salon-quality products that can be distributed to professionals and consumers who want to purchase salon-quality products to use at home. The AIC hair cleaning, treatment and styling products range includes shampoos, conditioners, masks, gels, ringing gels, clays, gums, hairsprays and other lacquers.

Manufacturing hair products requires meticulous, expert formulation and years of experience. AIC’s chemical treatment range has been crafted over six decades. AIC’s range includes perms and relaxers, peroxide creams, peroxide liquids and bleach powders.

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Body Products

AIC manufactures and supplies hand sanitisers, hand soaps, and acetone to remove nail polish. The AIC Hand Products range forms the perfect complement to their flagship hair care range.

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AIC Home Care Products

AIC produces all-purpose cleaners and dishwashing liquids for home use. Their range of cleaning products is cost-effective and effectively removes stains from surfaces. Home cleaning products are not their main line of business, notwithstanding, AIC’s branding and manufacturing facilities are suitable for manufacturing these products, which they manufacture upon request.

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