The Science Behind Sulphate-Free Hair Care

Science and Ingredients

The science behind sulphate-free shampoos is that they should be used to cleanse the hair. 

Sulphate-free shampoos gently cleanse the scalp. When you use a sulphate-free shampoo, you are only washing the hair. You don’t need to rub or massage the scalp with water. 

Another reason a sulphate-free shampoo will help keep your hair healthy is because it usually contains natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are made from plants and are known as botanicals. They help to protect your hair and prevent further damage from happening.

If you have curly locks, sulphate-free is the best way for healthy maintenance. Since curly hair dries out faster than straight hair, sulphates can dehydrate curls, leading to breakage.

Sulphate Containing Shampoos

Shampoos with sulphates are a good choice when there is product buildup in your hair or when your hair is exposed to pollution or dust. Naturally, oily hair also benefits from using shampoos with sulphates. 

Sulphate-Free On the Daily 

Can you use sulphate-free shampoo daily, and what happens when you switch to sulphate-free shampoo?

Sulphate-free shampoo can be used daily and will give you a feeling of clean, healthier hair that is not stripped of moisture. This is because you’ll have a healthier scalp with balanced oil production. 

People with dry scalps will generally find that their scalps are more moisturised (not oily), while people with oilier scalps will benefit from the fact that their excessive oil production will be reduced over time.

AIC’s Sulphate-Free Offering

Now that you know why sulphate-free hair products should be your customer’s preference, why should you invest in  AIC’s sulphate-free shampoos?

AIC’s research team carefully manufactures formulations on behalf of their clients for hair care (and personal care) products as a contract manufacturer. Their on-site laboratory tests every raw material, formulation, and final product for conformity, guaranteeing consistency.

Our professional sulphate-free shampoo formulas leave out harsh cleansing agents. They lock in moisture, prevent colour from fading, and are less likely to irritate a sensitive scalp. Used with AIC’s wholesome, nourishing conditioner and hair treatments, your customer’s locks will be left with excellent texture and improved strength and resilience.

Expert products matter to the experts. Reach out to an AIC sales executive to discuss our sulphate-free range. 

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