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The AIC blog is a place for customers and hair care enthusiasts to find helpful, knowledgeable and newsworthy articles to enrich their customer experience. Our range of products for personal care allows us to share our expertise consistently.

Antiseptol International Company (AIC) (Pty) Ltd, situated in Spartan, Kempton Park, was registered as a Propriety Limited in 1959.  It initially supplied mainly NPOs and hospitals in mines with specialised antiseptics, disinfectants and hygiene products.  Starting in the late ’60s, it acquired the cosmetic, hair and toiletry manufacturing subsidiary of Federale Volksbelegings Limited.

Personal Care Manufacturers

The global personal care products industry is expected to reach $130 billion in annual revenue by 2026, with Asia-Pacific being the fastest-growing market. China is the largest market for organic personal care products. The South African beauty market was forecast to have a value of about 6.16 billion U.S. dollars in 2024.

Antiseptol knows how to keep up with consumer preferences and trends. The blog is where customers can learn about these preferences and trends first-hand.

AIC Capabilities

AIC maintains and operates an SAP-based ERP system ensuring reliable access to relevant materials and resources. A significant solar energy installation and generator support access ensure our ongoing ability to remain flexible and provide a dedicated service to our clientele.

AIC is capable of filling, labelling, coding, packaging and palletising into various bottles, buckets, tubes, sachets, drums, etc., and packaging customisable sets ready for resale. Packaging liquids, gels, creams, pastes, powders, etc., is possible.

Due to its close relationships with many trusted suppliers, AIC can source all the packaging requirements on a customer’s behalf.  The packing operations include inline quality control and pre and post-packing quality control measures. Both safety and cleanliness are considered imperative on every packing line.

AIC has an on-site laboratory capable of numerous physical, chemical and microbiological tests on a routine basis.  Implementing ISO 22716 equivalent methodologies ensures the production of a benchmark quality routine.

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